Merco Machines N.V. was founded in the late 70's as a design office for special machinery by Mr. Marc Mertens.

Mrs and Mr MertensVery soon however a machining, a machine assembly and an electrical department were added.This was indispensable to assure flexibility, rapidity and reliability for the customers when making prototype machinery. When acting as a line-integrating partner for projects with a total automation, these resources have proven to be an enormous added value for Merco Machines N.V. and for the customers.

Today Merco Machines N.V. is a medium size company with engineers graduated from higher technical institutes and universities. Since 1987 Merco Machines N.V. is based in Merelbeke, where the company is located in 2 buildings with a total area of 8000 m2.

It includes an engineering office, a sales and administrative staff, a machining shop for making parts, a machine assembly hall and an electrical and automation team for electrical control panels. Together with a strong customer support, these departments are completely at your service. Merco Machines N.V. builds its own electrical control panels.

Due to the variety of countries of destination and of different customer preferences, the control panels are custom build according to different standards. By building the controls ourselves and by machining most parts in house, Merco Machines N.V. can maintain a high quality standard. Installation and commissioning in the customer's plant can be done with the help of personnel from Merco Machines N.V. The final training of the machine operators and the fine-tuning and optimization of the machines in the customer's plant is also part of our after sales service.

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Today the company is controled by a new generation of qualified and experienced managers.
Satisfied customers of Merco Machines N.V. can be found all over the world, from Asia to Oceania, to Africa, to North and South America and of course all over Europe.