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Drum welders

Drum welders

Merco Machines can supply state-of-the art welding machines due to our cooperation with Arplas Welding, a company we share the same values with: premium quality and unconditioned customer satisfaction.

Different models are available, ranging from low-speed semi-automatic welders to high-speed fully automatic machines up to 900 drums/h or even up to 1800 drums/h for smaller drums.

For additional information: please visit www.arplaswelding.com

  • Capacity: up to 1800 drums/h
  • Sheet thickness: 0,5 to 1,5 mm
  • Drum lenght: 300 to 1100 mm
  • Drum diameter: 255 to 600 mm

Arplas Welders feature unique properties that result in an optimised price-performance ratio.

Whether your company is in the market for a manual front loaded welding machine or a fully automatic high speed forming and throughfeet welding machine, our engineering team has an optimal solution that meets your specific needs.

The most apprreciated advantages of our welders include:

  • Drastically reduced maintencance costs.
  • Cantilever mounted welding heads.
  • "No scratch"-feature for pre-printed sheets.
  • Thermally shrinked, high performance weld wheels with elconite inserts.
  • Power reduction up to 20% due to the design of secondary conductors, and even up to 60% with SyncronAC technology.


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