Horizontal seamers - Merco machines

Horizontal seamers


Our horizontal seamers are designed for the seaming of TH, OH as well as ISO OH 55 gallon steel drums and come in 3 versions.

  • A fully servo controlled horizontal seamer up to 720 drums/h. Neither hydraulics nor clutches are used, which results in distinctive advantages when it comes to operational costs: reduced need for maintenance, reduced energy consumption and increased lifespan.
  • A horizontal seamer with hydraulic heads up to 600 drums/h.
  • A horizontal seamer with pneumatic head up to 450 drums/h.

These machines can be integrated into existing indexing conveyors (indexing time less than 1 sec for the 720/h and 600/h versions and less than 1,2 sec for the 450/h version).

  • Capacity: up to 720 drums/h
  • Drum thickness: up to 1,5 mm (0,059" - gauge 15)
  • Heads: Both tight head and open head

Our latest generation horizontal seamers also include:

  • Motorized drum height adjustment, equipped with linear encoder.
  • Motorized radial adjustment of the seaming rollers, including 4 drives to allow for a motorized adjustment of each separate seaming roller. The adjustment changes the depth of seaming for different steel gauges. All drives equipped with linear encoder and digital read-out from operator panel.

Optionally, we can supply:

  • Pre-assembly units for the fully automatic fitting of tops and bottoms onto the drum bodies, including a motorized height adjustment with linear encoder. Pre-assembly units also come with conveyors to feed tops and bottoms from the same side by one operator only.
  • A servo controlled standard indexing conveyor with 7 positions including drive section, chain return and chain sections. Length +/- 5.800 mm (19 ft).
  • Integration of seaming rollers lubrication systems.
  • Integration of compounding equipment.


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