Did you know? Merco Machines has become one of Siemens’ preferential partners!

12 april 2018

In 2017, as a result of a long and close relationship, Siemens awarded Merco Machines with the official Original Equipment Manufacturers (or OEM) partnership. It symbolises strong mutual appreciation, trust and excellent co-operation. The new partnership creates a clear framework in which the expectations and commitments of both companies are well described and, most importantly, mutually beneficial.

In order to meet the specific needs of machine builders, Siemens commits itself to investing strongly in new products with new possiblities, higher quality and better performance.

In total, eleven companies were awarded Siemens OEM partner:

Wish to know more? Go have a look on the Siemens website here

This partnership will benefit Siemens, Merco Machines and the end customer significantly – Johan Rabaeys, managing director