Merco Machines celebrates its 40th anniversary!

27 december 2018

On November 30th 2018, Merco Machines celebrated its 40th anniversary.

Obviously many things have changed since we started building machines for the drum manufacturing and drum reconditioning industry back in 1978.

Still only focusing on designing and producing machines for the same market, we are now employing 55 FTE’s whilst still growing today.

As for the development of our machines, the technological tools we are now using have dramatically changed over the past 40 years: full 3D design and analysis, optimising machine movements by virtual axes based modelling, integrating servo controlled systems and state-of-the-art PLC control systems allowing us to remote access our customer’s machines in case fast troubleshooting is required.

There are also things that haven’t changed since Merco’s founding father, Mr. Marc Mertens, started designing our first machine: our focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

As a proof thereof, we are proud that our 10th machine, a horizontal seamer, has only been decommissioned in 2017, after 38 years of full operation.

Over a span of 40 year, we built over 2.100 machines whilst our company is still growing today.