Body Forming

Merco Machines offers high-end vertical body forming lines for normal 55 gallon regular drums, 30L to 100L intermediate drums and conical drums. This machine is equipped with the latest technology and can produce up to 800 drums per hour.

By using servo technology instead of hydraulics the operational costs are reduced. Not only the electrical consumption and maintenance costs are reduced, but also product change-over takes less than no time due to the automatic tool changes.

The machine contains a lubrication station with height measurement, flanging station, beader station (for normal and W-beads) and corrugator. It is possible to extend the machine with a neck-in station for ISO drums. The servo driven shuttle and lift systems allow the machine to transport the drums at a high speed and accurate positioning.

With the monoblock frame it is possible to transport the machine almost as one part. This makes commissioning easy and fast.


Conical Line

For the conical line Merco Machines combine the high end technology of the body forming and seamer with an expander into one machine. 


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Intermediate Bodyline

These machines are designed to produce intermediate drums from 30L up to 100 L with a capacity over 1000 drums per hour. The combination of the long experience with both vertical body forming machines and expander equipment has allowed Merco Machines to combine all this technology in one monoblock machine.


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