Merco machines offers automatic (de)stacking machines for tops & bottoms out of steel racks. These machines are design for 2-pile racks and have a motorized driven fork-lift type of lift device (no hydraulics) to lift the stack.

A heavy duty roller conveyor makes loading and unloading of racks by operator possible during automatic operation.

The drum ends are transported by a magnetic conveyor between the pick & place unit and a pneumatic lift. This lift transports the top & bottoms to a lower level belt conveyor.

Optional the de-stacking machine can be designed with a NON-stop buffer system.

Robot (de)stacking

Merco offers custom designed configurations for both stacking as de-stacking from drum ends with a robot. Depending on the type of drum end and the application, different tooling and grippers for the robot are designed. This in a safe environment with safety fences and doors for easy access.


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