Drum End Painting

Merco Machines can offer 3 types of painting machines for drum ends.

Triplex painting machine

This compact machine makes quality painting at high speed possible by the triplex transport. The servo driven star-type triplex unit transports the drum end from the load position to the paint position and further to the exit position. Both at entrance and exit, manually or automatic loading is possible.

Index painting machine

The index painting machines come in dual lane and single lane design. Both work by the same principle of an index conveyor with magnetic turntables. The conveyor indexes the drum ends in and out of the paint booth. At the entrance there is an automatic pick & place feeding system placing the drum ends on the index conveyor. At the paint station the magnetic table with drum end starts rotating for painting.

Walking Beam painting machine

Merco Machines also offers a walking beam system for the drum end painting. The drum ends are loaded on 2 rows and transported through the paint booth on a walking beam type transport that is servo driven.

Both machines can be equiped with paint equipment. Together with the machine and paint equipment we can offer a stainless steel or galvanised booth with ventilation fans.