As a managing partner, Merco can provide a complete palletizing line where we coordinate the complete project combining own machines with machines of selected partners with high quality standards.

Drums are orientated on bung hole or closing ring position before loading on the load platform. On this platform the drums are centered and picked by a robot with a multifunctional gripper and placed on a pallet. The pallet is transported on a roller conveyor system from an automatic pallet dispenser. This robot can stack the drums 3 layers high and can add interlayers such as cardboard or plastic.

The finished stack of drums is transported to a line of finishing machines such as a full automatic pallet stretch film machine, a lift device to stack already palletized drums and automatic binding and stripping systems. After the requested palletized stack of drums is finished, the roll conveyor system transports the stack to an unload station where the pallets can be unloaded by forklift trucks.

All configurations of the different type of palletized stacks are managed through a software system created by Merco and displayed on the HMI panel of the machine. The different configurations can be created by the operator or loaded from a SAP system.